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The e-health platform for infotainment at the patient's bedside

Älterer Patient im Krankenhausbett lacht herzhaft, ConnectedCare Tablet unscharf im Vordergrund

Digital Communication in the Hospital

ConnectedCare connects nursing staff and patients

In order to generate added value for the people in hospitals, you need a platform like ConnectedCare. It is highly flexible in the way it integrates modules and services for hospitals and brings them to the patients via ConnectedCare tablets or mobile devices such as iPads. This makes everyday life at the hospital easier and more efficient!

 Flexible Plattform: Laptop und Smartphone sind miteinander vernetzt

Flexible platform

IT services from various different providers are combined according to the needs of the hospitals.

Sichere Patientendaten: Patientenakte mit Schlosssymbol

Secure patient data

Various security mechanisms guarantee maximum IT security and data protection.

Zukunftsfähige Plattform: Zahnräder mit zwei sich überkreuzenden Pfeilen

Future-proof software

Interoperability allows hospitals to remain independent and flexible in their choice of applications.

Patientenbett mit Bedside Terminal

Directly at the patient bed

Via ConnectedCare, clinics bring e-health services directly to the patients.

For Better Quality of Care

Relieving the burden on nursing staff

Relieving the burden on nursing staff – so that they have more time for their patients. The modules of the ConnectedCare platform assist nursing staff with their everyday patient communication and free up resources for nursing and care.

For Greater Efficiency

Improving processes

Digitalize and optimize the communication processes in your hospital. Easy and accessible communication with your patients and secure and quick display of relevant data: It’s possible with ConnectedCare.

For More Convenience and Information

Entertaining and involving patients

Offer your patients extensive entertainment with free and pay TV, digital reading offers, and much more. Create a feeling of safety and greater understanding with more patient information.

For better IT security and data protection

Protecting patient data

ConnectedCare guarantees the highest level of protection for all medical and patient data in the hospital. We consider security right from the start, fulfill all statutory requirements, and even go beyond that.

ConnectedCare Modules

Many modules, one goal: connecting and inspiring people

When patients are treated in the hospital, the focus is always on the people. This is exactly where the various modules from ConnectedCare come in. Find out how the platform improves treatment management in the hospital – with faster communication, the best entertainment, targeted information, and high-tech accessibility. If you want to find out even more about our modules, we will be happy to help in person.

Patientenkommunikation: Junge Pflegerin und älterer Patient schauen fröhlich auf Bedside Terminal

Simplifying communication between nursing staff and patients

Put it plainly. The modules from ConnectedCare help you to make communication in your day-to-day hospital life better and more efficient. Patients feel understood and there is less of a burden on the nursing staff.

Patientenkommunikation: Pfleger bringt junger Patientin Wasser ans Bett, das sie über den Digitalen Serviceruf bestellt hat.

Digital Patient Request

What if patients were able to tell the nursing staff exactly what it is they need rather than just calling a nurse? Nursing staff would save time and avoid running around unnecessarily, and patients would receive care more quickly. This is exactly what the Digital Patient Request offers. Whether a patient is in pain, would like a glass of water, or the IV bag is empty, the Digital Patient Request makes communication simple and efficient for both the nursing staff and the patients.

Junge Patientin sitzt im Krankenhausbett und isst fröhlich einen Salat

Meal Ordering

Catering to patients’ special meal requests is an unpopular topic in day-to-day life on the ward. Misunderstandings are inevitable in the context of the hectic operations on the ward where the nursing staff has to see to many other tasks. The Meal Ordering Module enables patients to submit their requests directly to the kitchen management themselves. This takes the burden off the nursing staff and patients receive the meal that they ordered.

Arzt sitzt am Rechner und hält Video-Visite mit Patienten


The VideoVisit Module assists the medical staff in dealing with infectious diseases and reduces the distances they have to cover. Doctors and nursing staff can connect with their patients directly via the ConnectedCare tablet and do their ward round via video call. This reduces the amount of physical contact in the case of contagious diseases and also the long distances to the ward and the patients’ rooms that the nursing staff have to cover.

Patientenentertainment: Junge Patientin sitzt lachend im Krankenhausbett und hört Musik mit Kopfhörern über das Bedside Terminal

Patient entertainment for more convenience and variety

ConnectedCare brings more convenience to the patients’ beds. They can enjoy SkyTV, use the GameCenter, or read e-books: Offer your patients greater variety and top-notch entertainment.

Patientenentertainment: Älterer Patient sitzt jubelnd im Krankenhausbett und schaut Fußball auf Bedside Terminal

TV, Radio, and Internet

A wide variety of entertainment is essential for patients during their stay in the hospital. Radio, free TV, and Sky are the basis for them to get through the day and distract themselves. Fast Internet for unlimited surfing rounds off the offer of convenience. ConnectedCare offers all of this for both patients and nursing staff. After all, the staff also benefits from their patients being relaxed and at ease.

Patientenentertainment: Junge Patientin sitzt im Krankenhausbett und liest eMagazine von sharemagazines auf Tablet

E-books and e-magazines

Good entertainment also includes information. With the ConnectedCare modules eMagazine (sharemagazines) and eBooks (skoobe), patients can read digital daily newspapers, weekly journals, magazines, non-fiction books, and novels. There is something for everyone, from motor sports, home and garden, and all the way to food and drink.

Patientenentertainment: Junge Patientin liegt im Krankenhausbett und spielt etwas auf Bedside Terminal


The GameCenter Module takes patients into a world of tricky puzzles, classic games, and the latest gaming trends. With sudoku, puzzles, Bubble Shooter, and many other offers, ConnectedCare caters to the play instinct of patients of all ages, both online and offline. Expand your entertainment offer and provide your patients with a real alternative to conventional TV and radio.

Patient Engagement: Pfleger zeigt junger Patientin etwas auf dem Bedside Terminal von ConnectedCare

Involving patients and relieving the burden on nursing staff

Involve your patients more in hospital procedures with ConnectedCare. Different modules allow patients to use certain services independently. This relieves the burden on nursing staff and doctors.

Patienten informieren: Ärztin zeigt Patient im Krankenhausbett Röntgenaufnahmen auf Bedside Terminal

Patient Information and Anamnesis

Patient information and anamnesis as part of the admission process is labor-intensive for hospitals. ConnectedCare simplifies this work step by involving the patients. In cooperation with Thieme Compliance, we offer a module that provides hospitals with more than 2,000 legally reviewed information forms in 20 languages. Patients are given the opportunity to fill out the admission forms themselves on the ConnectedCare tablet.

Patient Engagement | Älterer Patient liegt im Krankenhausbett und bedient Bedside Terminal

Hospital Content

Where is the hospital chapel? What’s on the menu? What exercises can I do to mobilize my leg? With the Hospital Content Module, hospitals can configure an offer of information according to their offers and needs. It helps patients find their way around independently, stay informed about everything important, and assist their recovery with therapy videos.

Patient Engagement | Pfleger zeigt Patientin im Krankenhausbett, wie sie auf dem iPad eine Patientenumfrage ausfüllt

Patient Feedback

The Patient Survey and Complaint Management Module helps hospitals to make their quality management more efficient and improve the level of patient satisfaction. Patients can provide their feedback and submit complaints directly from their patient bed via the ConnectedCare tablet. This saves time, costs, and gives hospitals the opportunity to respond immediately. At the same time, it reduces the distances that nursing and hospital staff have to cover to collect analog questionnaires.

Älterer Patient sitzt im Krankenhausbett und schaut auf Bedside Terminal, Ärztin und Pflegerin im Hintergrund

Accessible communication for better understanding patients

ConnectedCare helps to overcome communication barriers. Understand your patients better, provide them with unlimited access to hospital services and entertainment, and increase the quality of care.

ConnectedCare Tablet mit eHealth Plattform ConnectedCare und Mundmaus zur barrierefreien Patientenkommunikation

Mouth-controlled Mouse

The services offered via ConnectedCare tablets are designed to be accessible to all patients, including those who have no or limited use of their hands. The Mouth-mouse Navigation Bar Module allows patients to operate the tablets using a navigation unit that is controlled with the mouth. This allows patients with limited mobility to use the ConnectedCare tablets without help from others, thereby relieving the burden on nursing staff and making patients more independent.

ConnectedCare Tablet mit eHealth Plattform ConnectedCare und Modul Sprechhilfe zur barrierefreien Patientenkommunikation

Speaking Aid

The Speaking Aid Module assists nursing staff and patients with the daily communication with patients whose illness has caused them to lose their voice. With numerous spoken text elements, patients can express their wishes, questions, or types of pain without speaking. This module thereby increases the quality of care provided to patients. The nursing staff can understand them better and complications resulting from misunderstandings are avoided.

Our Management Tools

Easy and convenient administration

The ConnectedCare platform provides a convenient management system for hospitals to control patient-oriented hospital services. This way, the contents, digital access authorizations, ConnectedCare tablets and all modules can be controlled with ease.

ConnectedCare DeviceManagement

Simple activation and administration of the ConnectedCare tablets

ConnectedCare ContentManagement

Planning, entering, and managing content

ConnectedCare AccessManagement

Creating and managing patient access

ConnectedCare Project Management

From kick-off to go-live

Our aim is that hospitals and their staff enjoy the solutions from ConnectedCare. This is why our project management supports hospitals in every project phase, from planning and implementation and all the way to acceptance. Take a look at our references and see for yourself!

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ConnectedCare Support

Quick assistance with your problem

Has the software update on a tablet got stuck or would you like to configure a module? Our support team is ready to help with all customer concerns on the hospital side. Feel free to get in touch with us!

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How to contact us

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Would you like to learn more about the possibilities and modules of ConnectedCare? Our Sales team will be happy to answer your questions and concerns!

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