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For Over 25 Years

Digital communication in the hospital starts with us

Patient liegt im Krankenhausbett und formt mit seiner rechten Hand und der Hand einer Pflegekraft ein Herz.
ConnectedCare Hardware Development
ConnectedCare Krankenhaus Digitalisierung | Ärztin steht lächelnd mit Tablet in einem modernen Krankenhausbüro
Älterer Patient im Krankenhausbett bedient lachend das ConnectedCare Tablet und hält ein Glas Wasser in der Hand

Our focus is on people in the healthcare sector

We believe that the best is just about good enough when it comes to our health. That’s why people in hospitals, care facilities, or rehab clinics deserve the best solutions. Whether it’s patients, nurses, or doctors, the human being is at the center of our actions.

Our Solutions

Improving hospital processes, connecting people

With the ConnectedCare software, we make everyday work easier for the hospital staff. Our software and hardware solutions optimize hospital procedures, simplify communication with the patients, and thereby provide more time for the patients.


> 25 years

Customers worldwide

> 1,000

ConnectedCare tablets


Our Vision

We are creating a connected world of healthcare for everyone.

„Starting at the patient’s bed, we facilitate day-to-day hospital life for nursing staff and patients through digital communication. Our services relieve the burden on the staff and create added value for all parties involved.“

Ralf Lietzow

ConnectedCare General Manager

Company History

Our story: Where we come from

Change of name to ConnectedCare GmbH

BEWATEC ConnectedCare GmbH is renamed ConnectedCare GmbH.

Change of name to BEWATEC ConnectedCare GmbH

BEWATEC Kommunikationstechnik GmbH is renamed BEWATEC ConnectedCare GmbH. There is a change in the management.

Acquisition by Phoenix Mecano

BEWATEC turned 25, joined the Phoenix Mecano Group and realigned itself. The company thereby became a center of competence for patient-centered hardware and software within the Group.

Transition to software provider

Our Berlin location, which is dedicated to the further development of the platform, was founded. The ConnectedCare patient app for the digital patient journey was launched in 2019, completing the transition from hardware producer to system provider for software and hardware.

Hardware production in China

In an effort to expand hardware production, BEWATEC Technologies Co., Ltd. was founded in China. 2017 also marked the birth of the BEWATEC.ConnectedCare software.

ConnectedCare Unternehmensgeschichte | Philipp Schmelter schneidet mit chinesischen Kollegen rotes Band bei Eröffnung der ConnectedCare Technologies Co., Ltd. durch.

Introduction of MediPaD

The third generation of the MediPaD device was introduced on the market. At the same time, BEWATEC expanded the cloud architecture and opened the operating system for third-party applications.

ConnectedCare Unternehmensgeschichte | Patient im Krankenhausbett bedient ConnectedCare Tablet MediPaD

Innovations garnered attention

Branch relaunch, successful introduction of the B-Home series, and the first cloud-controlled devices: BEWATEC garnered attention with various innovations. 2002 was also the year the company won the Red Dot Design Award for the first time.

Our Memberships

We shape the future

But we can't always do it alone. In an effort to attract more attention to our ideas in politics and the public sphere, we are involved in associations, organizations, and networks in the area of digital healthcare.

ConnectedCare Mitgliedschaften, Logo von bvitg in rauchblau

bvitg e. V.

The German Federal Association for Healthcare IT (Bundesverband Gesundheits-IT) represents the leading IT providers in healthcare toward political and administrative bodies as well as the public sphere.

ConnectedCare Mitgliedschaften, Logo von Entscheiderfabrik in rauchblau


Hospitals, associations, and the industry have organized themselves in the Entscheiderfabrik to shape the digital transformation of healthcare.

ConnectedCare Mitgliedschaften, Logo von FKT in rauchblau

FKT e. V.

The Fachvereinigung Krankenhaustechnik (Professional Association of German Hospital Engineers) unites technical personnel from healthcare facilities and the healthcare industry.

ConnectedCare Mitgliedschaften: Viele Menschen-Silhouetten mit Spiegelungen in blau und gelb

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