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ConnectedCare x Thieme Compliance: Joint pioneers of modern hospital-patient communication

Intensive exchange, strategic partnerships and lively teamwork are success factors of digitalization in healthcare. ConnectedCare and Thieme Compliance show how it works.

Patientin liegt im Krankenhausbett und schaut lächelnd auf Tablet mit ConnectedCare.

Intensive exchange, strategic partnerships and lively teamwork are success factors of digitalization in healthcare. Together, Future of Hospitals Legislation-eligible solutions from ConnectedCare and Thieme Compliance enable end-to-end digital workflows from admission and treatment to discharge.

The digitization of healthcare brings with it many specific challenges. For example, the protection of patient data must be guaranteed at all times. Networking the various players in a highly regulated healthcare market also requires a telematics infrastructure based on international standards. Intensive exchange, strategic partnerships and lively teamwork contribute to the success of digitization in healthcare. Thieme Compliance and ConnectedCare have been working together since 2015. Together, the solutions of the two companies enable digital patient admission, medical history and education, which is fully eligible for funding under the Future of Hospitals Legislation (KHZG) funding category two "patient portals".

More planning security for patients and hospitals

The synergies for the collaboration were obvious: With ConnectedCare, ConnectedCare offers the platform that connects patients and hospitals with each other - before, during or after the hospital stay. Thieme Compliance is one of the leading system providers for patient education and communication. The combination of the ConnectedCare patient platform and E-ConsentPro from Thieme Compliance creates end-to-end digital information processes and workflows from admission, through treatment, to patient discharge.

"For hospitals, this means significant process optimization, because the admission process for an inpatient hospital stay involves a lot of effort, both for hospital staff and patients," says Nedret Akcaoglu, Head of Business Development at ConnectedCare. The early transmission of all necessary data and documents, including basic medical history data, even before the patient's arrival at the hospital significantly facilitates care and treatment planning and thus contributes to the more targeted use of resources. "Getting the critical information out where it is needed in the treatment context is the key to better and more efficient clinical workflows," adds Alexander Wahl, Partner Manager at Thieme Compliance. ConnectedCare's patient portal is enriched with guideline-oriented, patient-friendly content from Thieme and thus also contributes to patient satisfaction and compliance.


Two trendsetters set the pace

The partnership between the two companies, both established in the healthcare market, will benefit hospitals that want to replace the previous, paper-based processes in the Patient Journey with modern digital workflows and thus make optimal use of resources – such as Freiburg University Hospital. Other digitization projects also show: the digitization of healthcare and the hospital industry is made possible by good partnerships and teamwork at all levels.