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ConnectedCare x Recare: Teamwork for an eligible patient portal

As part of the Future of Hospitals Legislation's funding element 2 (patient portals), digital solutions for the areas of admission, treatment and discharge management are required and funded.

Physiotherapeut in Reha-Klinik zeigt älterem Reha-Patienten etwas auf einem Tablet.

As part of the Future of Hospitals Legislation's funding element 2 (patient portals), digital solutions for the areas of admission, treatment and discharge management are required and funded. ConnectedCare and Recare are joining forces to offer hospitals the optimal solution with a best-of-breed approach. The common goals: Enable patients to receive better and simpler healthcare; offer hospitals a sustainable digitalization solution that meets all must-have and can-do criteria.

More efficiency through digital process optimization 

The focus of the collaboration is the integration of Recare's digital discharge management into the ConnectedCare patient platform. The interoperable, highly secure platform provides hospitals with the infrastructure they need for sustainable digitization and process optimization. As part of the cooperation, both partners ensure the digital exchange of information between hospitals and downstream service providers as required by the Future of Hospitals Legislation. Patients are integrated into hospital processes and receive faster follow-up care thanks to Recare's discharge and transfer management. The result: efficient use of resources in all patient-centric processes - from patient admission to follow-up care. 


"With ConnectedCare for admission and treatment management and the Recare platform for digital discharge management, hospitals can rely on a combination of ready-to-use and established solutions. This reduces complexity during implementation and also helps to quickly implement the value creation in clinical processes. We were also particularly impressed by the flexibility of ConnectedCare in connecting additional services." 

Maximilian Greschke, CEO Recare 


Clear benefits – for patients and hospitals 

The strategic partnership between ConnectedCare and Recare offers hospitals a solution that fulfills all the mandatory and optional criteria for funding category 2 and in which each player contributes its competencies and plays to its strengths. In this way, Recare takes over the area of discharge management and can bring the usual quality and functionality to hospital processes in the long term. In addition to offering its own modules, the open patient platform by ConnectedCare enables the integration of other systems and partners, such as samedi or Thieme Compliance, for comprehensive admission and treatment management. From digital patient history and information to appointment management and the transmission of treatment documents – BEWATEC.ConnectedCare supports patients and hospital staff along the entire Patient Journey.    


Easily cover all must-have criteria 

The Future of Hospitals Legislation not only brings subsidies for hospitals, but also many uncertainties. However, the cooperation between ConnectedCare and Recare provides a solution. With both companies, hospitals can rely on market-tested solutions that have already been used many times and extensively tested by colleagues. The companies support hospital decision-makers in the complex application process and ensure Future of Hospitals Legislation-compliant implementation, which must be demonstrated by the hospitals in 2025. In addition, hospitals receive a sustainable digitization solution that on the one hand helps immediately, but on the other hand also grows with the future needs of the hospitals. ConnectedCare CEO, Philipp Schmelter, sums it up like this: "The Future of Hospitals Legislation offers the unique opportunity to break away from proprietary monoliths now and switch to digital platform solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies, standardized interfaces and the highest security standards. This will enable hospitals to develop accordingly independently, flexibly and sustainably in the coming decades." 



The Future of Hospitals Legislation was the kickstarter for deeper cooperation between the companies. However, the process practice of the hospitals gives rise to further needs and synergies between the areas of admission, treatment and discharge management, which can be implemented in joint digital use cases. The industry is therefore eager to see what ideas and innovations ConnectedCare and Recare will come up with in the future. 


About Recare 

With more than 500 acute and rehabilitation clinics and over 13,000 other service providers, Recare is the largest digital platform for discharge management measured by the number of active contractual partners in Germany. The digital platform enables the efficient search for care places in the areas of care transfer, hospital transfer, follow-up treatment and the associated organization of patient transport and aids. 


About ConnectedCare 

ConnectedCare ConnectedCare GmbH has a clear vision: a connected healthcare world for all people. With innovative software and hardware solutions, BEWATEC is a leader in the field of hospital digitalization and patient infotainment. The open platform ConnectedCare connects clinical staff with patients and thus enables a digital exchange of information, the optimization of processes and the relief of the hospital staff. It offers patients greater comfort during their stay at the hospital thanks to a wide range of infotainment services. Founded in 1995, the company is now considered an innovator in the industry.