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ConnectedCare x Cliniserve: patient portal meets Digital Patient Request

Better communication between patients and care staff while at the same time optimizing processes and relieving the burden on care: that is the goal of ConnectedCare and Cliniserve.

Screenshot von CLINISERVE Digitaler Serviceruf auf ConnectedCare Tablet und Smartphone

Better communication between patients and care staff while at the same time optimizing processes and relieving the burden on care: that is the goal of ConnectedCare and Cliniserve. The comprehensive digital solution world already provided by ConnectedCare for clinics and patients will now be expanded by the Cliniserve communication tool as part of the cooperation between the two companies. In the future, clinics can look forward to a further digital component to make their work easier.

The focus of the partnership is the integration of the Digital Patient Request for patients into the patient portal ConnectedCare. At the point of care, the module gives patients the opportunity to send their inquiries and concerns to the clinic staff in a targeted manner. The result is a structured daily ward routine with more time for patients.

No more unnecessary walking distance

The Digital Patient Request enables nursing staff to decide to which hospital employee the respective patient request should be delegated, depending on the priority of the request and the staff's competence profile or workload. In this way, work processes are optimized, tasks are distributed according to professional qualifications, and duplicate walking paths are avoided. For a low-threshold and practical integration of this module into everyday hospital life, patient concerns are transmitted directly and digitally from the patient portal to the smartphones of the nursing staff. Furthermore, Cliniserve can be used for the entire internal employee communication via task management. In addition, the integration of existing systems for transport and logistics management, for example, is made possible in order to create additional synergies and process optimization.


Common goal: Better care for al

The solution offerings and product portfolios of both companies show: The cooperation is no coincidence. ConnectedCare and Cliniserve have both been committed to better healthcare since the company was founded. While ConnectedCare offers a modular and individually configurable digital patient portal, Cliniserve is committed to task management for nursing staff. Thus, both companies are pulling together with different but compatible approaches to increase patient and employee satisfaction with digital solutions and to sustainably optimize clinic processes. Against the backdrop of the KHZG, too, the alliance is a successful one, especially in the areas of digital documentation and digital service requests.


About Cliniserve

Cliniserve GmbH aims to contribute to solving the nursing bottleneck with software. This requires new work and personnel deployment models in nursing, which Cliniserve makes possible. Cliniserve CARE supports the digitalization of task management in nursing as well as communication between nursing and patients and communication between hospital staff. In this context, the Cliniserve Flow app is the digital user interface for staff, which can be used to receive tasks via smartphone, create tasks and communicate via chat – including to and from IoT and robotics systems. Through the Cliniserve Patient App and Webapp, patients can select their request from a menu configured by ward and send it to staff, who receive only appropriate tasks, saving them walking. Founded in 2018, Cliniserve has already been able to relieve the burden of care for over 20 customers across Germany, including UKSH.


About ConnectedCare

ConnectedCare GmbH has a clear vision: a connected healthcare world for all people. With innovative software and hardware solutions, ConnectedCare is a leader in the field of hospital digitalization and patient infotainment. The open platform ConnectedCare connects clinical staff with patients and thus enables a digital exchange of information, the optimization of processes and the relief of the hospital staff. It offers patients greater comfort during their stay at the hospital thanks to a wide range of infotainment services. Founded in 1995, the company is now considered an innovator in the industry.